Mark Pilgrim on what Movember means to him

By Kirstin Buick
01 November 2013

It’s time to bring out your inner Tom Selleck! Across South Africa men – or rather Mo Bros – are growing their moustaches in support of testicular cancer. The annual Movember campaign kicks off today so expect to soon see a spike in hairy upper lips. We spoke to Movember campaigner Mark Pilgrim about his own cancer diagnosis and who he thinks has the best moustache:

You were diagnosed with testicular cancer when you were 18. Did you know anything about the symptoms at the time?

I knew absolutely nothing. Even with a swollen testicle I had no idea what it could potentially mean. The common and big mistake a lot of us make is ignoring symptoms and when we do spot something wrong, we say “let’s see if it’s still there tomorrow”. Every day I didn’t have it checked, cancer was spreading to other parts of my body.

What type of treatment did you receive?

I had a testicle removed and nine (long) months of chemotherapy.

How long did it take to grow a proper moustache last year?

About a week or so for it to look good enough for a young Magnum impersonation!

What’s the worst/best thing about having a moustache?

There is NO best thing about it! My wife wouldn’t kiss me for the whole month of Movember last year!

Which celebrity has the best moustache?

Without a doubt Tom Selleck will always be the king of rocking a moustache.

Which local celeb has the best moustache?

Tony Blewitt in the 90s.

How do you sign up for Movember? 

It’s as simple as signing up, starting or joining a team by going to, and then start growing that moustache! Mo Sistas, you can support too by registering and supporting the men you see growing a mo by giving them the nod of encouragement. What do you hope people take away from this campaign? It’s really all about awareness. Early detection can save lives. Real men go for check-ups. The funds raised also support survivorship programmes providing men with treatment options and support while the research drives better choices and solutions for men who are suffering.  Show your support by signing up at Follow the campaign on on Facebook and Twitter.

- Petro-Anne Vlok

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