Mark Wahlberg didn't blind victim

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12 December 2014

Mark Wahlberg's victim claims he didn't blind him.

Mark Wahlberg's victim claims he didn't blind him. The actor is known for his chequered past, which includes being sentenced to two years in a correctional institution for attempted murder when he was 16 after attacking a Vietnamese man who was racially abused and punched so hard he was apparently left blind in one eye.

'He did hurt me, but my left eye was already gone. He was not responsible for that'

But now the victim, Hoa Trinh, who goes by the name of Johnny, has opened up about what happened in 1988, claiming the 43-year-old actor isn't responsible for the loss of his sight in his left eye.

It comes shortly after the news that Mark is requesting a pardon for the assault conviction.

"I was not blinded by Mark Wahlberg," the 59-year-old man told MailOnline.

"He did hurt me, but my left eye was already gone. He was not responsible for that."

Johnny also claims he did not know Mark had gone on to become a Hollywood star. He added that he would be happy for the star to be granted a pardon.

"He was young and reckless but I forgive him now. Everyone deserves another chance," he added.

"I would like to see him get a pardon. He should not have the crime hanging over him any longer."

Following his sentence, Mark spent 45 days in prison. And Johnny thinks the time was sufficient.

"He paid for his crime when he went to prison. I am not saying that it did not hurt when he punched me in the face, but it was a long time ago," he said.

"He has grown up now. I am sure he has his own family and is a responsible man."

Mark is a father of four and raises his children with wife Rhea Durham.

He has requested a pardon from the Massachusetts Parole Board as he wants to become a Los Angeles Police Department reserve officer.

"I've worked extremely hard for the last 27 years since I woke up sober and realised the horrible mistakes I had made and the horrible pain I had caused so many people," he told New York Daily News. "Every single day I try to better myself as a person."

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