Marli ‘very happy’ to see Henri for first time since attack

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15 June 2015

The two surviving members of the Van Breda family, have seen each other for the first time since the incident, Netwerk24 reported on Monday.

Marli, 16, saw her brother Henri, 20, for the first time in nearly five months. “Marli and Henri saw each other,” Advocate Louise Buikman SC, the teenage girl’s lawyer and curator confirmed. “Marli was very happy to see her brother again.”

'What if she ends up being a potential state witness'

It is not known where the meet-up took place.

Marli and Henri’s parents, Martin, 54, Teresa, 55, and eldest brother Rudi, 22, were bludgeoned to death in an axe attack at their home on a luxury golf estate in Stellenbosch.

Marli survived severe injuries to her head and jugular vein. Her skull was cracked in the attack and she had to undergo neurosurgery.

She now suffers from retrograde amnesia and cannot remember anything about the attack.

Legal expert William Booth has warned that their meeting could have a negative impact on the case.

"What if she ends up being a potential state witness, which we don't know yet?" he told Timeslive. "If we were told that she can't remember anything and that she isn't a witness it would be quite appropriate for her brother to make contact with her.

"But if he is a potential suspect, we also need to know that. Is he or isn't he? If he is not a suspect then I suppose he can talk to whomever he likes. But if he is a potential suspect and he is talking to somebody who may be a potential witness, then in my mind that is not appropriate," said Booth.

Marli has since returned to school.

Buikman told Netwerk24 she realised the media was “very keen” to publish information about Marli but appealed for the teen’s privacy to be respected as she was still a minor.


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