Marry? Not in real life

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31 August 2010

The couple might be madly in love but not all the wedding guests applaud their union – especially not the bride’s family.

“Watch out, he’s devious,” they told her when they could see her falling for the ruthless tycoon who is the mortal enemy of the mightyForresters.

But Katie Logan was having none of it. Sweet as pie and unlikely to harm a fly she believes Bill Spencer is the man of her dreams.

So here Bill and Katie are, walking down the aisle – in matching outfits, no less. Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful will know there’s nothing novel about a wedding in this soapie – there have been many in the show’s 23-year history.

But for the first time in ages the entire Logan clan are gathered and it’s one of the rare occasions when the nuptials aren’t taking place in a church or at the stately Forrester mansion.

Bill wanted to whisk Katie to a foreign venue but she insisted on tying the knot in a park in the Los Angeles suburb where she grew up.

There’s a distinctly retro feel to the wedding, thanks to the bride’s ’50s-style calf-length gown, created by The Bold’s wardrobe maestro, Birgit Müller.

“The dress is so cute,” gushes Heather Tom (35), who plays Katie. “It’s so my style.”

The groom is also wearing all white and it turns out his tuxedo, waistcoat and bow tie were chosen byDon Diamont (48), The Bold newcomer who plays bad-news Bill.

“It was a calculated decision on my part,” he says. Bill usually wears dark colours and is a dark person too. This is one occasion where he can wear white.

“This is a guy who didn’t envisage himself getting married. He’s always been a bachelor and had no shortage of ladies. Women are infatuated with him – he’s wealthy, powerful . . . and really good-looking!”

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