Martin Freeman and wife still enjoy date nights

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21 January 2015

Martin Freeman's wife's "chest goes tight" if she considers life without him.

The British actor is married to Amanda Abbington and they have two children together. Martin's career means he is often away shooting - he appears in The Hobbit movies which were filmed in New Zealand. Amanda is an actress too so the pair spend a lot of time apart, and she's discussed how they stay close despite that.

"I know it sounds like a pain in the a*se (even the term 'date night'), but going to the theatre or out for a good meal is joyous, and something we tend to put on the back burner. It helps us really get to know each other again, check in and remind ourselves that we love each other. Do we still want to be with each other? Do we still respect each other? Do we still like each other?" she told British magazine Glamour. "I'll occasionally picture my life without him and it always makes my chest go tight and I'll start to feel bereft. The idea of not sharing my life with him breaks my heart and that's always a good sign."

That's not to say it's always easy. The couple found it hard to stay connected when Martin was in New Zealand because of the time difference, meaning they both ended up envying the other.

To help with that, they have found other ways to stay in touch.

"Martin is the funniest person I know, by a country mile. If I have a bad day, he will make me laugh or send me a YouTube clip of something that tickled him. And I'll reciprocate. We speak or FaceTime daily, sometimes twice a day, and I send him video messages of the kids, the dogs, me, the tarantula, anything," Amanda said.

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