Massive Twitter moments of 2015

By Samantha Luiz
31 December 2015

Twitter's always been a great place to have a laugh, discussion or simply catch up on the latest news. But the force was particularly strong this year.

We take a look back: #DrakeVsMeekMill beef Naturally, it all started with a tweet.

Three diss songs (and a Grammy nomination) later, 2015 may have actually given us the biggest feud in history.
#TheDress Ah, the dress that had the internet freaking out. Is it gold, it is blue, what even?
#HelloChallenge Hello, the gift that keeps on giving. In this challenge, people would text the song's lyrics to a poor unsuspecting ex or relative. As you can imagine, the results were hilarious.
#Steve Harvey Remember that time Steve Harvey crowned the wrong Miss Universe? Cringe.
Too far, 9GAG, too far.
#TauMogalechallenge In this challenge, tweeps were invited to edit in their own reaction to a viral clip from Generations: The Legacy. Hilarious!

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