MasterChef answers your questions

By admin
26 April 2012

MasterChef judge Andrew Atkinson answers some of your questions:

What is the best way to keep a knife sharp?

You should sharpen it with a sharpening steel before use. It also helps to use a chopping board when cooking to keep the knife sharp, as opposed to using any surface.

Do you ever get full?

No! I’m inhuman. I’m a machine. Just kidding – we sometimes do, yes.

What is your top advice for aspiring chefs?

Learn the basics properly and practice them before you move on to the more adventurous dishes. Do not just fall in head first.

Will there be a season 2?

M-Net says: At this stage M-Net has not yet confirmed a second season of MasterChef SA. The current series is proving to be extremely popular with viewers, but a decision will not be made about a second season until the first one has been completed.”

Watch it: Tuesday, 19:30 on M-Net.

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