Matt Bomer: Shyness and stripping don't mix

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31 May 2015

Matt Bomer left his "boundaries at the door" when having his crotch grabbed.

The hunky actor is back to flaunting his muscular physique in Magic Mike XXL, where he returns as sexy dancer Ken alongside the likes of Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello.

The star got quite nervous ahead of undressing in front of a big audience for the first flick, but luckily those feelings have passed and now it's second nature to the 37-year-old.

'You have to sort of just leave your boundaries at the door'

"You're about to take your clothes off in front of a thousand people - it's not like an everyday circumstance, and it's not something you can really practice for. You rehearse in a little room, and all of a sudden you're out there, and you can't even hear yourself because everyone's so loud," he explained to, adding he no longer feels embarrassed or awkward.

"I mean, I've been doing this for a long time. I kind of knew what I was in for, especially having done the first one. When you get out there and you start doing the numbers, you have to sort of just leave your boundaries at the door when someone is grabbing your crotch or whatever; just go with it because that's kind of what it's about."

On top of learning the dance routines there was a lot of prep to look stripper-ready. A spray tan was one treatment underwent Matt to look good on stage and, disappointingly for the star, he became immune to the scent of it after having been covered so many times.

"It's so sad that I've actually lost the ability to smell it now. I used to smell like maple syrup, and now I just don't even notice it anymore," he laughed. "I think what you're going to find in the movie is there's a lot of the guys and their personal lives, and obviously when it's time to go on stage, you've got to bust out that razor and go against the grain, baby."

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