Matthew Perry on Friends legacy

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15 January 2015

Matthew Perry thinks he’ll “never be involved in anything as big as Friends” again.

The 45-year-old actor was a key character in the hit NBC sitcom, which ran from 1994 to 2004. The show’s legacy still holds strong, and the actor has admitted it was a pinnacle of his career.

'Being on Friends has allowed me to have my pick of a lot of TV shows I want to do'

Speaking on a panel at the TCA Winter Press Tour, Matthew said the enormity of the series wasn’t something he expected.

"I didn't envision living past 2000 so I had no idea [how big Friends would get],” he confessed, according to E! News. "I never really thought about the future and I had no idea I would ever be involved in something as big as Friends and I will never be involved in anything as big as Friends ever again because TV is so different now."

The show and its characters have cemented themselves a spot in television history, thanks to its successful ten years on the air. And this afforded Matthew a lot of notoriety and access to further work.

"Being on Friends has allowed me to have my pick of a lot of TV shows I want to do. I try to choose things that are generally off the beaten path,” he explained. “But [current show The Odd Couple] is straight down the line, just an attempt to be funny on a big hit show."

When Friends finished, Matthew had grand ideas of being on the big screen. He also thought for a moment he may be able to quit working forever, but neither of these notions materialised.

"I am doing The Odd Couple because my attempt at being a movie star failed," he laughed. "I have to work. There was a time when Friends was over when I was like, ‘Oh, I can retire now if I want!' I guess I did that for six months but there's only so many video games a man can play. I decided I needed to go back to work, and I've had fun writing, too. It's fun, and I need to do it. I need that creative outlet."

He also revealed that although he and former castmates often get together for dinner, there’s “no real talk” about a TV reunion.

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