Mauritius family idyll for Joost

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04 January 2013

It was a dream come true for the former Bok – a family holiday with Amor and the kids.

For Joost van der Westhuizen the island with its palm-fringed beaches and turquoise sea brings precious memories flooding back – this is where he and Amor spent their honeymoon, and on other holidays played with their children in the surf.

But that was before their marriage fell apart, before he was diagnosed with debilitating motor neurone disease. Ever since the diagnosis he’s been plagued by the thought: would he live long enough to again spend such unforgettable moments with his kids, Jordan (8) and Kylie (6)?

Now a nearly impossible dream has been realised because in December the former Springbok captain, his estranged wife, singer Amor Vittone, and their kids again holidayed in Mauritius just like in the good old days.

Since the couple split up Amor (40) and the children have been back to the island every year. She’d made a booking at the Le Victoria holiday resort last year just before she and Joost (41) made peace.

“Jordan asked if Daddy was also coming along and something told me I should invite him,” Amor says. “Joost had tears in his eyes when I asked him if he’d like to join us.”

This was their first family holiday in nearly three years. “I was very, very emotional while on holiday,” Joost said shortly after their return, struggling to form the words.

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