Mauritius tragedy: The latest in slain teen's stepmother's trial

By Jana van der Merwe
15 June 2017

Mike, as well as their son, are still in contact with Marietjie on a weekly basis.

Eight months after Marietjie Vosloo allegedly assaulted her stepdaughter Mundolene (17) in a luxury resort in Mauritius, police have confirmed her trial is set to start soon.

Inspector Shiva Coothen, police spokesperson in Mauritius's capital, Port Louis, confirmed on Wednesday to YOU 34-year-old Marietjie appeared in court on Wednesday morning.

He said the case was postponed until 5 July when the defence and the state will put forward their arguments. The trial may either proceed then or be transferred to the local high court.

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YOU previously reported that Marietjie, from Margate, KwaZulu-Natal, will not be charged with murder but will face charges related to Mundolene's murder.

Her husband and Mundolene's father Mike Vosloo (46) told YOU on Wednesday that he and Marietjie's 12-year-old son were coping well under the circumstances. Mundolene was the apple of Mike's eye and her death was very difficult for him.

"I miss my child a lot. Not a day passes that I do not think of her. The tears run every day. It's incredibly difficult without her," he told YOU via WhatsApp.

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Mike and their son are still in contact with Marietjie on a weekly basis. He says he supports Marietjie for the sake of their child, who not only misses his older sister, but also his mother.

Mike, Marietjie, Mundolene and her brothers had been staying at the luxurious Riu Creole on 5 October 2016 during the school holidays.

The day after their arrival, Marietjie had allegedly attacked Mundolene after an argument about towels.

When Marietjie and Mundolene walked from the swimming pool on their way to their hotel room, the strife worsened and Marietjie Mundolene hit the fist hard.

A post-mortem examination showed Mundolene had died of a brain haemorrhage.

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She was declared dead shortly after and Marietjie was arrested. She has since been in custody ever since.

Mike says he would like to have closure, adding that it has been a frustrating eight months.

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