McDonald’s employee fired for taunting homeless man with a burger

By admin
13 November 2015

An employee at a McDonald’s branch in Detroit, in the US state of Michigan, was sacked after a video he’d distributed of himself throwing water in the face of a homeless man went viral.

It shows the worker first taunting the homeless man with a hamburger. As the man reaches out to take the burger the employee pulls it away then throws a jug of water in the man’s face.

The person behind the camera starts to laugh as the shocked homeless man asks, “Why did you do that?”

Although some people saw the incident as a joke it soon became clear most internet users disagreed, labelling it “sick” and “disgusting”.

Some even started a crowdfunding page to support the homeless man, known as Willie.

McDonald’s meanwhile confirmed that the employee, whose name wasn’t revealed, has been sacked.

“I’m very disturbed by the inappropriate behaviour of this employee,” franchise holder Wise Finley said in a statement. “It’s not tolerated in my organisation.

“I expect my employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and this was unacceptable.”

Sources: Mirror; Metro

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