Meet Carole and Michael Middleton

By admin
29 April 2011

While most of us know that Kate Middleton is the first commoner that will marry into the British Royal family in over 300 years, very little is known about her parents Carole and Michael Middleton.

Michael was born on 23 June 1949 in Leeds, England. His grandmother Olivia was a member of the Lupton family, who were active for generations in Leeds in commercial and municipal work.

His other ancestors include The Rev. Thomas Davis, a Church of England hymn-writer.

Carole was born on 31 January 1955 in Middlesex, England. Her ancestors were working class labourers and miners from Sunderland and Durham. In her youth Carole was an air hostess – something the British media and she herself has often jokes about.

They might not have any blue-blood, but the Middletons have done very well for themselves. Michael and Carole (both former flight attendants) are self-made millionaires, their mail-order business Party Pieces, sells themed party materials.

Historians have however been able to trace that Kate and William do share ancestors both on the paternal and maternal side.

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