Meet Mr South Africa 2011!

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07 April 2011

He has a body most women can only ever dream of waking up next to. He spends hours of his life working for various charities, especially those trying to uplift underprivileged children.

He’s dedicated to his gym regime, loves to play rugby and has represented his country on the golf course.

He stands about six-foot tall, has blue eyes, blonde hair and a golden tan…He sounds like the perfect man, doesn’t he?

Well, that’s what the judges at Mr South Africa 2011 thought about Adriaan Bergh.

The 23-year-old honours student is officially the country’s most desirable man, and walked off with the title of Mr South Africa 2011 at a glitzy function at Silverstar Casino in February.

“It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to be Mr South Africa, so this really is a dream come true. I am an avid sportsman and I’ve never done any modelling before, so it’s a whole new experience for me. I just feel honoured the judges chose me,” says the resident of Brooklyn, Pretoria.

His journey to the title of Mr South Africa was not without controversy though. All entrants had to submit a short video clip explaining why they should be entered into the competition.

Adriaan’s first video was titled ‘Mr Gay South Africa 2011 Semi Finalist Interview Adriaan Bergh’.

The clip, a cheesy satire of models answering typical questions, went viral and got more than 12 000 hits on the Mr SA website.

And while it was in no way a spoof of gay people, it outraged the gay community.

“Adriaan Bergh or this video have no affiliation whatsoever with Mr Gay South Africa or the company Mr Gay South Africa (Pty) Ltd” is but one of the comments tagged onto Adriaan’s initial Youtube entry.

Adriaan, however, says his controversial post did the trick.

“Any publicity is good publicity. There were so many hits on the video and it got the organisers attention and I was selected to participate. I made a second video showing who I really am, which was also quite popular, so while my approach was different, it worked,” he says.

The new Mr South Africa lives by himself in Brooklyn and is currently single.

He recently received his BSC in quantity surveying from the University of Pretoria and is currently studying part time for his honours.

“I have placed in the top 15 of my class since I started studying and I don’t want that to slip, so it’s going to be a challenge, but I am sure I’ll be able to cope with my honours and the title,” he says.

The new Mr South Africa says his goal for the year is to introduce sports, outdoor living and a healthy lifestyle to the children of the country.

“I have spent my life outdoors, it’s a passion for me. I am also dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and I jog and gym regularly. This is what I want to introduce to the children of this country, to get them away from computer games and the TV and to get them outdoors and into an active lifestyle,” says Adriaan.

“We are still identifying the charities I am going to work with this year, but my focus is going to be reaching the children of this country with sport.”

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