Meet Taylor’s besties!

By Lara Atson
06 May 2014

Is there any celeb that Taylor Swift (24) isn’t best buds with? Here’s a low-down of the country-pop starlet’s A-list BFFs!

Selena Gomez (21)


Up until recently Taylor and Selena were besties. The two met when they both dated a Jonas brother – Selena was seeing Nick while Taylor was dating Joe. ‘‘We met when she was 18. I was 15 or 16. She was so great to me. Then we became best friends,’’ Selena says.

But when Selena got back together with on/off boyfriend Justin Bieber recently, Taylor cut her off. The country princess was reportedly also not impressed when Selena “used” her pal, singer Ed Sheeran, to get back at the Biebs after one of their break-ups.

And now it seems Selena has moved on with reality starlet Kendall Jenner (18), who happens to be an ex-girlfriend of one of Taylor’s exes One Direction hunk Harry Styles! The new besties were recently snapped at a famous Los Angeles eatery.

Emma Stone (25)

Emma Stone 1

The Amazing Spider-Man actress and Taylor have been pals for years. In fact Emma is the one person she would call when she’s going through a breakup, Taylor says. The actress in turn loves her friend’s down-to-earth nature. “Taylor’s a pretty normal girl. She’s not like, ‘I’m one of the world’s most popular singers’.”

Sarah Hyland (23)

PHOTO: Bang Showbiz PHOTO: Bang Showbiz

Selena introduced Taylor to the Modern Family star at the MTV VMAs last year and the two have been inseparable ever since. Sarah and Taylor rang in the New Year together and partied together after the Golden Globes earlier this year. “A lot of people I’ve met have a preconceived idea (about her), at least from the tabloids, but she’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met,” Sarah says.

Kelly Osbourne (29)

PHOTO: Bang Showbiz PHOTO: Bang Showbiz

Meet Taylor’s baking buddy! In October last year Taylor and the Fashion Police star posted Instagram snaps of themselves baking chocolate peppermint cookies together. And after the Golden Globes earlier this year Kelly gushed on the show about how beautiful Taylor looked in her red Carolina Herrera dress.

Hailee Steinfeld (17)

Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor Swift

Taylor might be seven years older than the actress but the two share a close bond. “We connected a few years ago and she’s like a big sister to me,” Hailee says. “She’s the best listener. I feel like I can call or text her wherever she is in the world and she’ll always be there.” Sweet!

Ed Sheeran (23)

PHOTO: Bang Showbiz PHOTO: Bang Showbiz

Despite rumours of a fling, it seems Taylor and the British singer are just buddies. Ed opened for Taylor on her Red tour and also collaborated with her on her 2012 track Everything Has Changed. “I’ve never had such a close guy friend before,” Taylor says.”

Lorde (17)

PHOTO: Bang Showbiz. PHOTO: Bang Showbiz.

We thought they’d be enemies for life after Lorde called Taylor “too flawless and unattainable” but Taylor sure knows how to kill you with kindness. The Kiwi singer was “floored” when the American sent her roses after her hit Royals topped the charts. The two have been BFFs ever since!

Dianna Agron (27)

Diana Agron

The Glee actress was one of the friends Taylor dedicated her song 22 to. After her Red album came out, Dianna said, “I’m really proud of her. She’s just an incredibly hardworking and talented girl.”

Jessica Szohr (29)

PHOTO: Instagram PHOTO: Instagram

The former Gossip Girl star was one of Taylor’s real-life friends who starred in her music video for 22, which was shot in Malibu. “We’ve all been through breakups and stuff together. So she asked a few of us to come and have a fun day at the beach,” Jessica says.

Jennifer Lawrence (23)

PHOTO: Bang Showbiz PHOTO: Bang Showbiz

The Hunger Games star is one of Taylor’s best texting buddies. The two love to exchange text messages, especially when they’re proud of each other. And who can forget Jen’s epic photobomb at the 2014 Golden Globes while Taylor was doing an interview with E! presenter Ryan Seacrest?

Gwyneth Paltrow (41)

Gwyneth Paltrow

Talk about unlikely BFFs! Taylor has been spotted in London having dinner with the actress and her estranged husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin (37). They even introduced her to her ex-boyfriend, actor Jake Gyllenhaal (33), in 2010!

Katy Perry (29)


Taylor has mentioned her friendship with the Roar singer before and even invited Katy on stage during one of her shows to sing Katy’s hit Hot n Cold. Another thing they have in common is they both dated serial womaniser John Mayer.


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