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04 April 2011

The story line

The Wild focuses on three families who are all connected by a special piece of land. Despite the conflicts of the past, they have to build a shared future.

The exclusive Dinaledi Lodge provides the backdrop for the series.

The families who live on the land on which Dinaledi Lodge is built are: The Tladis, the Lebones, the van Reenens and the Dinaledi Lodge Staff.

The cast features some of South Africa most popular actors such as glamour couple Connie andShona Ferguson and veteran actor Ian Roberts.

The families of the wild  

The Tladis

Kgosi Rratladi Tladi (Sam Phillips) is the wise chief of the Tladi clan. His wisdom, vision and love for the community have earned him the respect and love of his subjects.

Rratladi has started to feel that his days on earth are numbered and so he’s watching his heir-apparent, Itumeleng (Shona Ferguson), to see if he’ll be a worthy leader. Rratladi will shock many when he makes a radical decision about the future of the Tladi community and the future of his sons.

When Itumeleng Tladi enters the dining room at Dinaledi Lodge, heads turn. All the men want to be him, and all the women want to sleep with him.

He knows that he is charming and powerful and that he is on the verge of becoming the chief of his people. He has no qualms about taking over the chieftaincy from his father, Rratladi - he carries the confidence of his birthright and knows he has been groomed for the job since the day he was born.

Modise Tladi (Tumisho Masha) has it all worked out. He has made a real life for himself in the city. He’s a man at the top of his game - a gorgeous girlfriend, great friends and generous income.

He and his group of university friends have founded a successful advertising agency: Umeme. He is without doubt one of the more eligible bachelors in Johannesburg, his easy smile, his calm self-confidence, all combine to make a very attractive package.

Mama Rose Tladi (Clementine Mosimane) is the pillar of the community and mother to all. If you had to walk through the Tladi village and ask who was second in command, everyone would tell you that it was Mama Rose.

She is a leader in the community, loved by all and deeply respected. She wishes that she had a better relationship with her son, Isaac, and feels like a failed parent where Isaac is concerned.

Women love Isaac Tladi (Melusi Yeni) fiercely.  There is a long trail of broken hearts behind him. He is on a rise and is set to become the ultimate superstar ranger. He’s ambitious and wants to unseat Jack van Reenen. His ambitions will lead him down a dark path and he’ll ride this journey with reckless abandon and great flair.

The Lebones

Marang (Played by Connie Ferguson) is an extremely intelligent and influential presence, who, on the surface, comes across as being selfless and kind.

Tragic circumstances propelled her prematurely into the role of mother and protector of her two young brothers, Tiro and Khumo. For their safety and wellbeing, she would fight off any enemy with her full might.

Tiro Lebone (Putla Sehlapelo) is the millionaire who has everything, but the love of his life. He stands out as honest and full of integrity. He is the most eligible bachelor who gets the attentions of all women yet he is still hasn’t met a woman that captures his heart.

Khumo Lebone (Nathaniel Ramabulana) is the life of the party and devoted husband to Diksie. Red carpet events, personalised plates, overpriced Italian suits, luxury cars, designer outfits for the Durban July – flash and pomp is what Khumo is about.

Having lived his entire life under Tiro’s shadow, Khumo just wants some success of his own. Diksie is Khumo’s cheerleader and rock; her unwavering love and belief in Khumo gives him the confidence to keep trying to succeed.

Diksie Lebone (Lele Ledwaba) is the loving wife of Khumo Lebone. She is his rock – protective, supportive and passionately in love. She will passionately defend her husband’s dreams because she wants him to succeed. His success is her success; it validates her and makes her acceptable to high society.

The Van Reenens

Karel van Reenen (Ian Roberts) is the unshakeable patriarch of the van Reenen family. When he stands on his porch and looks out, all that he sees once belonged to him, but is now lost to the Tladis, the Lebones and the wild. Karel refuses to flee and even though he’s seen as the last of his kind in this region, Karel is an important figure in this community.

Tristan van Reenen (James Alexander) is the head of conservation and loyal employee of Tiro, and is a loving husband and father. Tristan is the passionate, sometimes obsessive, protector of the conservancy on which the Dinaledi Lodge operates. Although his wife, Kate, understands his passion, she can’t help but feel neglected at times.

For Kate (Milan Murray), the romance of the African bush is waning. She came to this place because of love. The romance and seemingly idyllic African bush promised to give her the peace that she has been longing for all her life.

She wants more and feels she should be getting it from Tristan. Kate’s restlessness could lead her to self-destruction.

Amber van Reenen (Amber van Rensburg) is the outgoing, compassionate, adventurous daughter of Tristan and Kate. Amber’s only issues at the moment are how to avoid wearing frilly dresses and stay out in the bush as long as she can.

She is outspoken, headstrong, and loves to spend her time in the bush. She loves her grandfather Karel, and never dreams of living anywhere else but in the wild.

Jack van Reenen (Ty Keogh) is Itumeleng’s trusted second in command, head ranger and hunter. Jack loves to hunt and loves to take risks even more.

Jack covets Tristan’s life. He wants Tristan’s success, but most importantly, Tristan’s family. He will do anything to get it but if he does he’ll never be satisfied because for Jack, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Dinaledi Lodge Staff

Bernie Cupid (Faye Peters) is the tenacious, sexy, strong and talented chef at Dinaledi Lodge. Her career, the kitchen, the life, her finances… everything is in order.

Everything except her love life. Bernie struggles with commitment and her need to control everything makes her a terrible girlfriend. She fears that every man will be like her father and abandon her, so she always keeps her wall up.

Lindsay Barnes (Michelle Bradshaw) is the no-nonsense Head of Housekeeping of Dinaledi Lodge. Unlucky in love, Lindsay dreams of being a wife and mother but her chances seem to be diminishing.

Lindsay has been badly burned by love, she still dreams of being the perfect wife and mother. Lindsay should be moving on but her conservatism and fear of change keeps her here.

Blessing Dlamini (Wandile Molebatsi) is a laidback tracker. Quiet, contemplative and laidback, Blessing is often mistaken for a fool. Many think that he’s a softy because he doesn’t strut around the lodge like the rangers and throw his weight around. Few realise that he’s a strong man who prefers the simple and noble things in life.

And then there is…

Lelo Sedibe (Gail Nkoane), ‘the butterfly’, the young and sexy Fashion Editor, living the high life in the City of Gold, but in search for a real love connection.

Zoe (Briony Horwitz) knows Lelo better than she knows herself. She’s a great friend and colleague, always having Lelo’s back no matter what. Her attraction to bad boys always lands her in tears yet she can’t help but fall for the next sexy bad boy.

The Wild premieres Monday 4 April at 18:00 on M-Net and simulcast on M-Net HD.

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