Meet the man behind Brain Games: Jason Silva

By admin
17 June 2014

Brain Games host Jason Silva chats with YOU about brain hacks, love, death and the new season of Brain Games.

If you have watched National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games, you would have seen how easily our brains can be fooled! The show Brain Games has explored topics such as illusions and trust by playing scientific games that test our brains and attentiveness. YOU had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Brain Games host Jason Silva. The Venezuela-born “wonder junkie” allowed us to pick his brain a bit and get to know the man behind the Emmy-nominated show. Jason, who is also a filmmaker, is also the creator behind the YouTube series, Shots of Awe, which is a documentary that explores the co-evolution of humans and technology. Jason has been referred to as “a modern performance philosopher” so we took some time out to find out what makes this New Yorker tick. Shots of Awe

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