Meet the pirouetting palace guard

By Lara Atson
03 September 2014

What do you do if you get bored during your two-hour shift standing guard in front of Buckingham Palace? You entertain the tourists with dance.

Tourists visiting the palace couldn’t believe their eyes when a palace guard started dancing for them – even attempting a few pirouettes!

Fortunately Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t there to see the action because she would probably have seen red. The video, which was shared on YouTube last month, was allegedly taken while the queen was on holiday in Scotland.

Sharing the footage online, Andy Richards wrote, “A Buckingham Palace guardsman misbehaves on duty while the queen is on holiday. His senior officer might be having a chat with him later.”

The guard is a member of the Grenadier Guards who patrol the palace grounds. Some internet users think the video is funny while others feel it’s embarrassing for the Palace.

The army and the Ministry of Defence don’t think the guard’s performance was funny. An investigation has been launched and the guard could have disciplinary action taken against him. As an army source said, ‘‘He’s there to guard Buckingham Palace, not provide horseplay for tourists.’’

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