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By admin
11 July 2013

Ever wondered who the people are behind YOU and Huisgenoot’s food pages? Our new food blogger Esther Malan gives insight into the talented people on the team.

Ever wondered who creates the YOU and Huisgenoot’s food pages? Our new food blogger Esther Malangives insight into the talented people on the team.

Carmen Niehaus – our food editor

She’s the captain of our ship. The Brain to our Pinky. The doctor Xavier to our X-Men (or women and one man, in our case). She has almost 25 years (which in fact exceeds my age) of experience in all things food and food related. She’s a lover of fresh coriander, blue cheese, Greek yoghurt, pork neck and anything Moroccan. From every “story with a twist” and “chicken five ways”, Carmen is the place where it all starts. Whether it is transforming average recipes into something magnificent for the next Top500, or making a simple chocolate cake look like something out of a magazine (ha ha ha, oh wait, it is something out of a magazine!) Carmen is the starving husband’s best friend, and take-outs’ worst nightmare.

Carmen Petersen-Hendricks – the kitchen manager

Yes, people, another Carmen. If we can’t figure out who is supposed to do it, Carmen PH is the general answer. Name it, and Carmen can probably do it. Responsible for conjuring numerous web recipes, being the master cake baker (this title is still under evaluation, a bake off between me and her will occur in the near future), the Jackson dancer (this one has some killer dance moves) and Bruno Mars fan (her sing-along vocals are not too shabby either). She is the apron-wearing, pastry loving, shortie that keeps us all together.

David Briers – photographer

David, or as we call him, Oom David, the only person in this entire building whom we call Oom (uncle), has to be included in the team because he is our favourite food photographer. I think it is impossible for Oom to take a picture that does not look amazing. Make our food look good, and you will be well looked after, Oom David is proof of that. Whether he’s enjoying my famous breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon on toast, or surprised with a bowl of pistachio nuts, oom is treated like royalty.

 Esther Malan – food assistant

Thats me! Carmen Niehaus’ minion and the writer of this very insightful post on the team that makes the food happen! I am a 22- (almost 23) -year-old aspiring food journalist. I started as an intern, with my closest relationship being with the copier, to now having my OWN desk AND computer (feeling very special here) and proud author of my “one page a week” Take 5 recipes in the magazines. Known for my “by invitation only” kitchen breakfasts, strange taste in music and sinfully addictive brownies, I am the blushing youngster among the lot!

So that’s the team! The people responsible for filling the food pages with mouth-wateringly recipes! We are one well-oiled machine, known among our peers as the “A-team” (okay, we named ourselves). I shall take you behind the scenes in the kitchen and talk all things food once a week. Stay tuned, these posts might just get interesting…

-   Esther Malan

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