Meet Toey, the adorable pup with SEVEN 'toes' on each paw

By Saskia Hill
05 September 2016

What an extraordinary pup!

Staff at Animal Welfare Society in Philippi have seen it all. But something recently left even the most seasoned medical personnel scratching their heads.

That something -- or rather, someone -- was Toey.

“Normally dogs have four to five claws on each paw, the fifth toe being the dew claw,” Jaque Le Roux from the animal welfare organisation in the Western Cape told YOU.

But when they saw this little dog’s paws, there were a lot more toes than they’d expected!

PHOTO: Supplied PHOTO: Supplied

The owner of the sweet boerbull pup, from Mitchell’s Plain, brought Toey to the clinic when he realised his furry friend had seven toes on each paw.

“His owner was concerned about the puppy’s health and well-being,” says Jaque.

PHOTO: Supplied PHOTO: Supplied

Veterinarian Dr Clair Gray examined Toey and decided that his ‘extra’ toes didn’t have to be amputated but that his growth and development would need to be monitored weekly.

Clair made sure Toey wasn’t in any pain and would be able to live a normal life like any other dog.

Although they work with dogs every day, Toey’s situation was a surprise to them, says Jaque. “This is something new to us as medical staff in the animal field working and dealing with animal’s every day,” he says.

PHOTO: Supplied PHOTO: Supplied

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