Meghan Markle's half-sister has it in for her famous sibling!

By Nici De Wet
06 April 2017

Looks like someone is cashing in!

Meghan Markle's estranged half-sister Samantha Grant (52) is penning a tell-all book about the "pushy" Suits actress. But according to reports the two have virtually no relationship, having grown up completely separately despite sharing the same father, Emmy-award winning TV lighting director, Thomas Markle (72).

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"Samantha Grant doesn't have a relationship with Meghan Markle and she never has," a source told E! News. "As they were 17 years apart, they were never raised in the same house."

Meghan spent her childhood largely with her mom, yoga therapist Doria Ragland (60) but also spent time with her Hollywood-based dad, sometimes accompanying him to the sets where he worked.

"Samantha was not a part of that life. Meghan saw her occasionally at family functions but never on a regular basis."

With rumours mounting that an engagement between Meghan and Prince Harry may be imminent, the source says Grant's actions seem to be taking "advantage" of the pretty brunette. She's even changed her surname from Grant to Markle!

"If she hates Meghan so much, why is she suddenly trying to share an identity with her?" the source adds.

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Samantha, who has multiple sclerosis and is confined to a wheelchair, has accused Meghan in the past of abandoning her family in a quest to become famous. "The royal family would be appalled by what she’s done to her own family," she's said. "The truth would kill her relationship with Prince Harry." She has also accused her half sibling of using charity work to maximise her public image. On Twitter she's been vocal in defending her book, which she says is about "racist issues".

"This woman who she hardly knows, who has had a lifelong history of lying and manipulation is setting her sights on her for no reason," the source continues.

"In their very limited contact, Meghan has never been anything but nice to her and for the majority of those interactions, Meghan was just a little girl. This is an old, jealous woman (she is in her 50s! who does this in their 50s?) doing anything she can to take advantage of the situation to sell lies for money and fame.

"Meghan has never done anything to her and continues to take the high road."

Even Samantha's own mother Roslyn, from whom she's estranged, says her daughter is lying.

"Meghan is very pretty, very nice, very polished and very classy," she told the UK's Daily Mail last year. "I never hear anything but good about her from my son Thomas [Jr, Markle's older half-brother]. But Samantha, Samantha has been dogging her for the last 20 years."


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