Mel B’s husband: 'I didn't hit my wife'

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18 December 2014

Mel B’s husband would “take a bullet” for the singer.

Mel B’s husband would “take a bullet” for the singer. Stephen Belafonte opened up about his love for the former Spice Girls star in a new interview, following allegations that he had been unfaithful. The producer, who has been married to Mel for the past seven years, came forward to set the record straight after speculation surrounding the state of the pair’s marriage.

'I did not touch Mel. I didn’t hit her. I wasn’t cheating or anything'

The rumours began when Mel missed the X Factor final on Saturday, after being hospitalised for a stomach ulcer on Thursday.

And when Mel made her return to the TV talent show for Sunday night’s episode, fans were quick to speculate that Stephen may have had something to do with the mother-of-three’s bruised appearance.

However, Stephen has strenuously denied hurting his wife, insisting he loves her more than anything.

“I had nothing to do with hurting my wife,” Stephen told British newspaper The Sun. “I did not touch Mel. I didn’t hit her. I wasn’t cheating or anything. There was no girl involved.”

Stephen was speaking to the publication from Los Angeles, after returning to the couple’s home there after the weekend.

And while Stephen denied ever laying a hand on his wife, he did admit that they have been arguing in recent weeks.

“Everyone gets in arguments. And then stuff calms down and you think about your life,” he said. “You think about where you’ve been and what you’ve been through.

“I love my wife. I care about my wife. I’d take a bullet for her.”

Stephen insisted in the interview that rumours of the couple’s split were down to a “witch hunt” against the pair, by people wanting to split them up.

He added that the reason Mel didn’t wear her wedding ring on Sunday night’s X Factor was possibly due to the fact that her fingers were swollen after her stay in hospital.

Mel has so far remained silent, having not posted a message on her Twitter profile since December 11.

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