Men abuse: It’s real

By admin
28 May 2014

There are many males abused by females but their cases more often than not are laughed at and not taken seriously.

A couple of weeks ago the world was stunned when a video of singer Solange attacked her brother in law Jay Z, in an elevator. The shock though quickly turned to laughter and ridicule with even parody videos of the incident popping up on YOUTube.

Everybody seemed vastly amused at the fact that Jay Z was being attacked by a woman. And therefore it was ok to laugh because he couldn’t have sustained any injuries and that the only thing hurt was his pride. For some men being attacked verbally and physically by a woman is a daily occurrence. There are a number of males who are victims of abuse and largely keep quiet because of the stigma attached in reporting it.

The Jay Z Solange incident showed us  that there is no equality at all when it comes to men and woman abuse. But the sad fact is abuse is abuse, and violence is violence it shouldn’t matter whether you are man or a woman it should be stopped.

ManKind Initiative the UK’s leading charity for supporting male victims of abuse posted a video on YOUTube documenting the different reactions people have to male and female abuse.


If you or anyone you know are male victims of abuse and would like to share your story please send an email to

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