Meryl Streep does the Iron Lady

By admin
10 February 2012

She didn’t like her politics – but being offered the role of Margaret Thatcher was an opportunity the acclaimed actress couldn’t resist.

There’s never been anyone else quite like her. One of the most controversial figures in British politics, Margaret Thatcher will always be remembered for the way she clawed her way up through the male ranks to become the UK’s first female prime minister and then went on to impose a leadership style as severe and inflexible as her rigid helmet hairdo.

Seldom has there been a more divisive leader and now more than 20 years after bowing out she’s splitting opinion again with the release of a new movie, The Iron Lady, which examines her incredible rise to power and turbulent 11 years in office.

Some have praised the film for its candid portrayal of the provocative icon, while others insist it’s an emotionally manipulative piece of cinema that insults her legacy by dwelling on the frightening toll that dementia and old age have taken on her.

But one thing everyone seems to agree on is that Meryl Streep delivers a flawless performance as the politician. Only an actress of her stature could manage to play such a heavyweight personality.

YOU’s Jane Vorster looks at the controversy surrounding the film and what Meryl Streep had to do to prepare for this formidable role. Read more in YOU 16 February 2012.

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