MiCasa teases new video

By Shanaaz Prince
21 October 2014

South African house band MiCasa sure does know how to keep their fans in suspense! The talented trio have whet fans' appetites for their latest video offering with a short teaser.

Last week, the band's lead singer, Joao Fonseca, more commonly known as J.Something posted to his Facebook page about their latest single, Your Body, being released:

Then this week, the band took to Instagram where they posted what seems to be a very cryptic teaser of the single's upcoming music video, which has left many confused about what the popular band is plotting. No word as yet as to when the video will be out. This very sneaky teaser is what we'll have to make do with in the meantime:

A video posted by micasamusic (@micasamusic) on

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