Michael and Catherine's 'vow renewal plans for anniversary

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07 August 2015

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones will reportedly celebrate their upcoming wedding anniversary by renewing their vows.

The 70-year-old actor and his 45-year-old wife apparently want to mark 15 years of marriage in an extra special way when it rolls around on November 18. It's particularly important to them as they temporarily split in 2013, but have now worked through their issues and are happier than ever.

"They're proud they were able to work through their problems and reignite their love and commitment," an insider told the American edition of OK! magazine.

'The kids faced so much uncertainty when their parents split up temporarily'

The publication claims the renewal will be staged at Michael and Catherine's estate in New York. The couple's children Dylan (14) and 12-year-old Carys are apparently going to be heavily involved in the occasion.

"The kids faced so much uncertainty when their parents split up temporarily. Catherine and Michael want to make the day a celebration of family," the source claimed.

Michael has been promoting his latest movie Ant-Man of late, with Catherine stepping out alongside him on red carpets. He's spoken extensively about how well they are now getting along, and in June he even addressed their short split.

"We had a little bump in the road. The problem in this business is that everything is so public," he told British newspaper The Daily Mail.

"I love Catherine as much, more than I ever have. And hopefully the feeling's mutual.

"We worked things out - if both people want to work something out and make it better, you can do it. You can't do it if it's just one person."

This isn't the first time it's been claimed the couple were planning to renew their vows. Last year British magazine Grazia suggested they would do so on their joint birthday on September 25, but a ceremony didn't materialise.

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