Michael Caine: Cannes is a circus

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22 May 2015

Michael Caine thinks Cannes is “very noisy”.

Michael Caine thinks Cannes is “very noisy”.

The legendary British actor attended this year’s film festival in the French city to promote his latest movie, Youth. And while the film has had glowing reviews, the 82-year-old admitted he was feeling his age a little.

“It’s like a circus, and if you like rock n roll music in your ear, you’ll get it until two o’clock in the morning in the bedroom,” he told USA Today. “The place is like, they’ve built all discotheque’s along the beach and everything, and so it goes on the whole time. And there are acts and shows, and it’s very noisy.”

'It’s like a circus'

The Get Carter actor attended the festivities alongside his co-stars Rachel Weisz, Harvey Keitel and Jane Fonda. But the star couldn’t help but have another gripe, taking on the infamous stairs at the premiere.

“Those steps you’ve got to climb them all on your own, that’s not quite as glamorous as you’d think when you get to my age,” he laughed. “There’s like 50 steps you know and you think, ‘I’m going to fall up these if I’m not careful’.”

While his advancing years seem to have put him at a slight disadvantage at the festival, Michael is actually very comfortable with getting older. And one reason is the joy he gets from seeing the next generation of his family grow up.

“The older people keep quiet about all that fuss that goes on about being young,” he revealed. “I’m enjoying doing it [getting old] I have three grandchildren and I just want to be here for as old as they possibly can get. I’d like to be there when they’re 35. I’m not going to make that but I mean 25, no I’m not going to make that, 15, that’ll do.”

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