Michael Caine considering retirement

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03 October 2014

Sir Michael Caine is considering retirement.

Sir Michael Caine is considering retirement. The Italian Job star (81) has enjoyed decades of success in the film industry. But his final film might be completed by the year’s end, unless something he can’t pass up crosses his desk.

'If I don’t get a script that entices me out, I’ll be done in December when I do the last picture'

“I have no ambitions now… all I do is, I do films that I really want to do,” he explained on BBC’s Newsnight.

“If I don’t get a script – which I don’t have – that entices me out, I’ll be done in December when I do the last picture, the last script I’ve got,” he said.

Michael appears at ease with the decision. He spoke candidly about his motivations for movie-making, admitting he always keeps two goals in mind.

“I always went into every movie with an aim. It was either to get an Oscar or make money, that’s the two reasons I do movies,” he said, noting: “I’ve got two Oscars and I’ve got some money so I’m alright.”

Michael has won two Oscars for Best Actor in a Supporting role - his first for Hannah and Her Sisters in 1987, and his second in 2000 for The Cider House Rules.

His comments follow just a day after he was celebrated at London's Royal Albert Hall for his 58 years in the business, reports UK newspaper The Telegraph.

Former James Bond star Roger Moore, David Walliams, Simon Pegg and record producer Quincy Jones were among those who attended A Night Out With Sir Michael Caine.

During an onstage interview, the actor admitted he’s considered retiring on more than one occasion in the past.

“I’ve retired about 30 times and then I always get a script I can’t refuse,” he told TV host Jonathan Ross.

"Now I’ve retired sort of. I’m doing a second one of Now You See Me, a picture I did about magicians.

"I do that in December and then I stop. But then someone will give me a script,” he mused.

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