Michael Douglas: Catherine loves it when I’m bad

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17 April 2015

Catherine Zeta-Jones loves it when husband Michael Douglas plays a villain.

Michael has embodied a number of roles since his career began several decades ago, from Gordon Gekko in Wall Street to Detective Nick Curran in thriller Basic Instinct.

The 70-year-old actor can next be seen in Beyond the Reach alongside Jeremy Irvine, in which he stars as a rich man who betrays his hunting guide.

And Michael added in a new interview that wife Catherine prefers him to play an evil character on screen because it means he gets rid of his bad side at work rather than with her.

“Catherine would rather see me get it out on screen than have it back in the house,” Michael told US TV show Extra.

Adding the reasons he likes playing a baddie, Michael continued: “Because you could do anything you want when you’re bad. There’s no moral compass and audiences love it.”

Michael isn’t the only one to be exploring his evil side on screen.

Catherine can soon be seen taking on the role of drug lord Grisela Blanco in The Godmother.

The part is something of a departure from Catherine’s normal roles, but Michael insisted she can’t wait to get in touch with her inner bad girl.

“It’s good to be bad!” Michael joked.

Michael and Catherine’s relationship is well and truly back on track following a rocky patch last year.

In an interview following their brief split and reconciliation, Michael said he's a lot more clued-up about love these days.

"I now feel love in my mind," he opened up to German channel Tele 5.

"I've now learnt you can't take love for granted. You need to nurture and care for it. When you're younger you take a lot of things - including love - for granted."

Michael and Catherine, who married in 2000, have children Dylan and Carys together and he also has son Cameron from a previous marriage to Diandra Luker.

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