Michael Jackson’s doctor on trial

By admin
21 October 2011

Fighting to prove his innocence is Conrad Murray (58), the Texas-born cardiologist who became Michael’s resident doctor, even accompanying the performer on tour at a fee of $150 000 (about R1,2 million) a month.

When Michael Jackson was alive the world was fascinated with him: his eccentricity, his children, his music, his dancing – everything was intriguing.

Quite simply, he was one of a kind. So it stands to reason the trial revolving around the shocking demise of the king of pop is proving so compelling.

Michael’s health problems were laid out in minute detail in the interview Murray gave the police – details that would no doubt have horrified Jacko, who was notoriously private and wouldn’t even admit to having had a nose job.

Read more in Nicola Whitfield’s article in YOU 27 October 2011. 

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