Michael Jackson's kids will never forgive Murray

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12 November 2013

Michael Jackson's niece Tanay Jackson has spoken out about the release of Conrad Murray from prison and says the entire family, and in particular the late singer's children, will never forgive him for the role he played in Michael's death.

Michael Jackson's children will never forgive Conrad Murray for the role he played in their father's death, their cousin has claimed.

The King of Pop's niece Tanay Jackson ? the daughter of Michael's brother Tito ? insists the family are extremely unhappy the former doctor was released from jail in October after serving less than two years of a four-year sentence for the involuntary manslaughter of the King of Pop in June 2009.

Most upset are Michael's kids, Prince (16), Paris (15) and 11-year-old Blanket, who think it's a disgrace Murray (60) is out of prison and is trying to regain his medical licence after having been found guilty of administering the fatal dose of anaesthetic propofol that ultimately killed the Thriller singer.

Tanay told the New York Daily News newspaper's Confidenti@l column, "I think a murderer should get a longer sentence than that; I don't think it's fair. We really feel like there were more people involved in my uncle's death. But Conrad Murray is the physical culprit because he physically injected him.

"No, we haven't forgiven him. We can't forgive him at all. I categorised that person as a murderer. I categorise him as somebody who got away with murder. People in those categories I just can't forgive. He should not be able to practice medicine. He was a physical culprit for the death of Michael. That's a big joke to us that he wants to reapply for his medical licence." Tanay (29) thinks the singer's daughter, Paris, has taken Murray's release the worst as she’s still struggling to come to terms with the death of her father four years ago. Aspiring singer Tanay says Paris ? who was hospitalised after an alleged attempted suicide bid in June ? is a teenager trying to cope with adult problems and has resorted to self-harming on occasions as a coping method. Tanay said, "Paris is going through a lot of emotional torment. She is under a tremendous amount of pressure and is suffering severe depression. She is trying to find a way to escape and it doesn't seem like anyone knows what to do.  “This is a 15-year-old going through a 40-year-old's problems. There are a host of problems that Paris can't handle alone. It's driven her to the point where she wants to escape the emotional pain and the only way she can do that is by cutting herself. It's become addictive and I understand this isn't the first time she's done it."  -Bang Showbiz 

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