Michelle Rodriguez: 'No one will ever fill Paul Walker's shoes'

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17 April 2016

Actress Michelle Rodriguez is adamant Scott Eastwood has not been hired to "fill" Paul Walker's shoes in the new Fast & Furious movie.

Paul died in a tragic car crash in November, 2013, while filming the last instalment of the street-car racing franchise, Furious 7. His brothers Cody and Caleb were brought onboard as his stand-ins to help complete the shoot. Clint Eastwood's actor son was announced as the latest cast member for the highly-anticipated Fast 8 on Monday, and he promptly took to Instagram.com to honour his late pal, who was like "an older brother" to him. In the touching post, Scott vowed to make Paul proud with his role, and admitted, "For me to be able to add to the F&F story, Paul's story, and the FAST family is like a dream come true."

It's hard to put into words how excited I am for the next Fast & Furious. To me, the series is so much more than just a franchise. It’s a legacy. These great actors who have been in it together for so long have become a family. I absolutely can’t wait to join it. Now I can’t say too much, but I get to play a new character who operates under Kurt Russell in the movie, which is incredible, because Kurt was a total childhood hero of mine growing up. Very much looking forward to learning a thing or two from such an original and cool guy. Paul was a close friend of mine. We surfed together, traveled together, and he was a huge role model and influencing figure in my life when I was younger. He still is. He was an older brother to me. For me to be able to add to the F&F story, Paul’s story, and the FAST family is like a dream come true. Gary Gray and Neal Moritz - I can’t wait to get started and dive in. Vin - thank you for the support and the insight. Paul - I am going to make you proud. #F8

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Some fans have speculated that Scott was hired to effectively replace Paul's character, Brian O'Conner, in the final three movies, but Michelle insists that isn't the case.

"I don't know about that," the feisty Latina told TMZ.com when asked for her thoughts on Scott being brought in to "fill Paul Walker's role".

"Nobody will ever, as long as I live, fill that role," she responded, "but I'm happy he's on board, he's a cool actor."

She then expressed her delight at having Oscar winner Charlize Theron among her new castmates, adding, "I'm even more excited about Charlize, man, I love her. That's one talented woman!"

Fast 8, directed by F. Gary Gray, will also welcome back franchise stars Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, and Ludacris. Production is expected to begin in May, ahead of an April, 2017 release.

Meanwhile, Michelle recently stirred controversy after admitting she turned to psychedelics to help her cope with the loss of Paul, and, while under the influence of psychedelic plant Ayahuasca, she confessed she was "jealous" the actor had died before her.

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Her comments were caught on camera by producers of the documentary The Reality of Truth, but Michelle subsequently insisted her remarks had been blown out of proportion and taken "out of context".

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