Michelle Rodriguez: 'Playing a naked man in The Assignment was so hard'

05 April 2017

The 38-year-old also had to select a prosthetic penis.

Actress Michelle Rodriguez relied on prosthetics and a dating app to get into her role as a relentless male assassin in The Assignment.

In the film, the Latina plays contract killer Frank Kitchen, who is seeking revenge after waking up as a woman following unauthorised gender reassignment surgery performed by Sigourney Weaver's sociopathic villain Dr Rachel Kay, and the Fast & Furious star admits her latest role took some getting used to.

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“Playing a naked man was really hard," she tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It’s a good four hours of (makeup) prep, two for the chin and nose implants alone."

For a full-frontal nudity scene, the 38-year-old also had to select a prosthetic penis: “I was like, ‘I want the biggest c**k we could possibly get!’ I was adamant about it," she recalls with a laugh, "I’ve encountered a few skinny boys with really, really big... you know, so I thought, 'Why not be one?'"

In her bid to convincingly portray a man, Michelle used her prosthetic penis and an Internet dating app for inspiration.

"It’s very uncomfortable... I don’t know how guys do it," she says of having a phallus between her legs for the film. "Now I know why guys are way more physically sexual thinkers than women are - because it’s always there! I mean, if it’s rubbing between your legs all the time, I’m sure I’d think about it all the time too!”

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"I made a Tinder (dating app) account for myself (as a man) and it was so funny," Rodriguez adds of her prep for the part, "(I) got some matches!”

But, after shooting The Assignment, Michelle feels more feminine than ever: "There’s a lot more to being a man than your posture and voice and strength; there are other psychological elements that I wasn’t prepared to really dive into. I always thought that I was pretty masculine, but I never felt more like a woman than (after) doing this movie.”

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