Mike Tyson nodded off during double date with Madonna

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06 March 2015

Mike Tyson once fell asleep on a double date with Madonna and Sean Penn because he was so "inebriated".

The former heavyweight champion of the world appears on a track called Iconic on Madonna's new album Rebel Heart, but they have known each other for some time. They first met in the 80s, when they went to the cinema together.

"We saw Big Top Pee-wee, with both of our significant others at the time. In the 80s, when she was married to Sean [Penn] and I was married as well. Me and Sean fell asleep in the movie. We like Pee-wee, we're a big fan of Pee-wee, but we were slightly inebriated," Mike told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who then asked what Madonna made of the flick.

'Me and Sean fell asleep in the movie'

"I have no idea, I slept through it," he replied.

Working with the legendary singer was a thrill for the boxer, especially as Madonna agreed to speak to one of his daughters over the phone. It was Madonna's idea for them to team up, with Mike describing his role on the record as "talking sh*t".

Mike is as famous for his antics out of the ring as he is for what happened during his fights. He has spent time in prison for rape and been open about his drug addiction, but now he's turned his life around. Due to that he feels ready to impart some words of wisdom to children.

"Never break the law, never break the law. And say no to dope - drugs I mean," he advised.

The star also opened up about preparing for his fights. He can vividly recall training in Japan at one point, and the thrill that getting around the strict rules put in place by his team gave him.

"I'm in the hotel, they won't let me out the hotel, they just let me go to training and back like I'm some kind of Neanderthal that I can't associate with people, so I had to hit all the maids. Hitting means having sex with the maids, I don't want you to think I'm hitting (punching) them," he explained. "They were so f**king ugly too... I'm sorry! Oh sh*t. These guys were like, 'We gonna keep him away from everybody, he ain't gonna have no sex,' but I did!"

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