Mike Tyson refused entrance to the UK for tour

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25 February 2014

That’s embarrassing! Mike Tyson has been forced to cancel his UK Undisputed Truth tour due to a change in the UK's immigration law, which bans him from entering the country because of his convictions.

Mike Tyson has cancelled his UK tour.

The former heavyweight boxing champion - who was convicted of rape in 1992 and served three years of his six-year sentence - has been forced to scrap his Undisputed Truth gigs next month due to a change in the UK's immigration law which means he is no longer allowed into the country.

Mike said: "With great disappoint I have to cancel the UK portion of my European tour. Because of new immigration laws, my status for entry is no longer eligible.

"However, I have taken every possible step within the parameters of UK law to regain entry. I am truly grateful for my UK fans and have always considered this country my second home so it is disheartening that I am no longer granted entry.

"I hope at some point I will be allowed entry back into the country that has afforded me so many cherished memories. In the mean time, I send my sincerest apologies to my fans that purchased tickets and have been inconvenienced by this due process.

"Please understand this is all out of my control. I was looking forward to performing and meeting you all. I hope in the near future I am still given the opportunity to do so."

A full refund will be available from the point of purchase.

The 47-year-old star also had to cancel his book tour last year after he was banned from entering the country due to his criminal record.

Mike was expected to fly into London in December to promote his autobiography Undisputed Truth, but he took a detour to Paris, France, after being refused access to the UK.

- Bang Showbiz

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