Mila's got baby brain!

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25 March 2015

Mila Kunis admits she thinks about what her daughter is doing during sex.

The 31-year-old actress has been with Ashton Kutcher since early 2012 and seemingly confirmed the pair are married after talk show host James Corden questioned her on the ring on her wedding finger.

They welcomed little girl Wyatt last September and are enjoying every moment of parenthood. So much so that Mila often finds her mind wandering during intimate moments with Ashton.

When James joked that he and his wife sometimes talk about their kids during sex, the actress shared her version of events.

'I wonder if that's her making that noise'

"I've thought it, but it's never happened!" she laughed. "[I'll think], 'I wonder if that's her making that noise... Wait, what's happening?!'"

The couple make sure they set aside time for themselves amid their busy schedules. And when they do go out they try to leave their everyday duties at home, instead focusing on one another and their relationship.

"So we have my parents who - we're very lucky - live down the street so we have them do what's called monitor sitting, 'cause the baby goes down to sleep and they have to watch the monitor, and I would say once a week we go out on a date," she explained. "Not just the two of us, like a double date or something. But yeah, just to reconnect, and we make an effort to not talk about the baby."

Tom Hanks joined Mila on the sofa for James' debut on The Late Late Show. The iconic actor is a dad to four and cheered the actress on when she spoke about expanding her family.

Despite his fame, Tom maintains a down-to-earth attitude and often takes the subway in New York, which led him to become the face of 'manspreading', which is when men sit with their legs wide apart.

"You're either a really creepy guy, or you're hogging two seats. Now I don't think I'm a particularly creepy guy, although if you see that photograph it'll scare you to death. Now honestly I ride the subways in New York and I wouldn't talk to that guy," he grinned. "That was in the papers and I was accused of manspreading because it looks as though I'm taking up two seats."

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