Mindy Kaling snoops on her boyfriends

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19 November 2014

Mindy Kaling thinks snooping is “irresistible”.

The 35-year-old’s hit Fox television series The Mindy Project commentates on all aspects of society, and apparently checking out a significant other’s diary for juicy information is soon to be discussed. The star has admitted she’s done this herself in the past. "I, like everyone else, have snooped before and it's always had catastrophic endings to it," she said in an interview with E! News. Mindy wants to make sure her fans don’t endure the same bad experiences she did. Although she admitted to spying, she doesn’t want people to do the same.

‘It's always had catastrophic endings to it’

"So no, I would advise not to,” she said. “But I also know how irresistible it is."

Mindy didn’t name any of the exes whose personal belongings she sneaked a glimpse of. She has, however, dated her former The Office co-star BJ Novak. She’s now single, however, and recently revealed to Canadian magazine Flare that she’s dating multiple guys.

“It’s never been the case before,” she said of her vivacious dating life. “I'm assuming it will all go away, or one guy will be persistent and it will work itself out.”

The topic of snooping arose after a snippet for the current third series showed Mindy’s on-screen boyfriend Danny going through her diary. The season is already airing but Fox has just ordered a further six episodes.

As the popular programme continues, it will see a new face in the form of Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace. The heartthrob was confirmed last week for a guest role.

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