Miracle pill gave me my life back

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21 September 2012

Mossie has made an amazing recovery thanks to a humble sleeping pill

Mossie Mostert (65), who was diagnosed with MND in March, can smile again thanks to Stilnox, a schedule 5 sleeping pill that previously made headlines when it unexpectedly roused patients from comas.

Some experts even call it a miracle drug and it certainly has changed Mossie’s life completely. It was out of sheer desperation that in June, his wife, Carine (62), took him to see Dr Wally Nel, a general practitioner, for a consultation.

Dr Nel made headlines 13 years ago when a patient who was in a coma woke up after he’d prescribed Stilnox for insomnia. With his first dose, which the doctor crushed and gave to Mossie in his surgery on 25 June, they saw an improvement after 30 minutes.

“Mossie was almost expressionless when he got here,” Dr Nel says. “His mouth, eye and cheek were slack. Carine had to do most of the talking.

“But after half an hour the ash-grey colour lifted from his face and his left hand, which had been closed in a fist for years, opened.”

Read more of Mossie’s remarkable story by Danél Blaauw in YOU 27 September 2012.

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