Miracles do happen! Faf and Imari bowled over by little Giorgio

By Lara Atson
29 September 2016

Miracles do happen – as the Proteas cricketer Faf du Plessis and his wife, Imari, recently discovered.

Their 'fur baby' Giorgio, is now firmly on the road to recovery after he was paralysed in June because of a spinal disc injury.


Swimming and underwater treadmill at 8am on a Saturday morning. Feel like a soccer mom... #wooflife #dachshundsofinstagram

Imari shared a cute video on social media of their beloved pup walking again.

On 13 June the Du Plessis’ housekeeper discovered the family’s beloved dachshund Giorgio – a gift from Faf – was suddenly paralysed.

“I got a call from our housekeeper to say that there was something wrong with his feet and when I got there, his hind legs were paralysed and he was in pain,” Imari told YOU.

“I immediately took him to the Panorama Veterinary Clinic [near Cape Town] because he’d previously had a back operation and I knew it was urgent. There’s only one veterinary spinal surgeon in Cape Town. I was supposed to fly to Barbados the next day.” Giorgio’s back was operated on again within the month. “He had to rest first and stayed in the clinic, after which I cared for him at home and started his rehabilitation,” says Imari, who also has a six-year-old dachshund called Bella. “I take Giorgio to the homeopathic vet Dr Barry Hindmarch for acupuncture, spinal injections, laser therapy and muscle stimulation. He also gets hydrotherapy and physiotherapy sessions at the Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital in Newlands [Cape Town].”

“Next I’ll be working with a safe haven for women who’ve decided not to have abortions. Their [the haven’s] funds are running low,” she says.

In November Imari and Faf will be celebrating their third anniversary. Their secret to wedded bliss?

“It’s only grace – and you make a conscious decision to put your marriage first. It’s a decision you have to reaffirm time and again and together you grow in that.”

The couple moved to Cape Town last year from Pretoria and currently live in Westlake. “I adapted very easily. This is the fourth city I call home, so I like a fresh start.”

What’s the most enjoyable thing about living in Cape Town? “Spending more time in nature – I grew up on a farm.”

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