Mirror, mirror, who’s the richest of them all?

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17 June 2014

Check out which Disney princesses are rolling in the dough.

Check out which Disney princesses are rolling in the dough.

11. Pocahontas


Occupation: Daughter of chief Powhatan, member of the Powhatan tribe

Expenses: Just around the river bend, everything is free! Which is good because Pocahontas seemingly has no money. Her only inheritance is her mother's free spirit.

Total worth: $0

10. Mulan


Occupation: Soldier in the Chinese Army

Expenses: Her annual salary is roughly $9 830 (R103 215), with all living expenses covered by the army. Mulan was also gifted Shan Yu's sword which, when declared, would be worth about $2 750 (R28 875).

Total worth: $12 580 (R132 090)

9. Cinderella


Occupation: Domestic servant, princess

Expenses: The average yearly salary for a maid is about $25 000 (R262 500). If you factor in the ball gown and glass slippers she got gratis from her fairy godmother, that adds somewhere around $16 750 (R175 875) to her worth.

Total worth: $41 750 (R438 375)

8. Snow White

Snow White

Occupation: Scullery maid, princess

Expenses: Snow was forced into servitude by the queen, but were she to earn a salary as a live-in maid to, say, seven dwarves, she should ask for around $60 185 (R631 942,50).

Total worth: $60 185 (R631 942,50)

7. Tiana


Occupation: Restaurateur

Expenses: Unlike the other princesses, Tiana has no chance at an inheritance. Instead her sole pay cheque comes from her NoLa restaurant – about $78 575 (R825 037,50).

Total worth: $78 575 (R825 037,50)

6. Ariel

Little Mermaid

Occupation: Mermaid

Expenses: Our littlest mermaid has accumulated a collection of thingamabobs, gizmos and gadgets including silver candlestick holders, first-edition books and other antiques that could fetch a pretty penny at auction.

Total worth: About $84 583 (R888 121,50)

5. Belle


Occupation: Unemployed

Expenses: Belle's worth is based on the jewellery she owns, estimated to be worth approximately $1 250 500 (R13 130 250). Her main expense is books. If she reads for 12 hours a day, it’s guestimated she'll read 150 books a year. If each book costs around $13,85 (R145, 50), she’ll spend about $2 079,75 (R21 837,50).

Total worth: $1 248 421 (R13 108 412,50)

4. Aurora


Occupation: Princess

Expenses: In the fairytale, the Sleeping Beauty sleeps for 100 years. If you add three per cent interest on an untouched inheritance of $167 180 (R1 755 390), she’d wake to roughly $3 212 971 (R33 736 195,50).

Total worth: $3 212 971 (R33 736 195,50)

3. Merida


Occupation: Princess, archer

Expenses: If Merida had a modern-day career we’re guessing it would be gold medal-winning Olympic archer, which would earn her approximately $14 812 (R155 526). And then the endorsement deals would come, netting her another $5 million (R52,5 million) or so.

Total worth: $5 014 812 (R52 655 526)

2. Rapunzel


Occupation: Princess

Expenses: Rapunzel's super-long hair could score her a L'Oréal endorsement worth $20 million (R210 million).

Total worth: $20 million (R210 million)

1. Jasmine


Occupation: Daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah

Expenses: Jasmine has a bank account with many, many zeroes in it.

Total Worth: $25 trillion (R262,5 trillion)

Source: eonline.com

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