MISSING: What to do when a loved one disappears

22 March 2017

We hope you never find yourself in this awful situation – but just in case you do...

According to a statement by the SAPS people should immediately alert the police to begin an investigation the moment someone goes missing.

Since there is no waiting period, you can help the police by taking the following steps:

  • Provide a recent and clear photo of the missing person.
  • Give a clear description of the last place the person was seen, clothes they were wearing and any other information that can aid the investigation.
  • Complete and sign the SAPD 55 (A) form. This form indemnifies the SAPS from fraudulent testimonies and gives them permission to distribute the photo and information about the missing person.
  • Get the investigative officer’s contact details and send through any further information you may have.
  • Let the investigating officer know immediately should the missing person be found or suddenly make an appearance. A SAPS 92 form needs to be completed to let the Bureau of Missing Persons know that the person’s file can be removed from the system.

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Contact details for the national and regional offices of the Bureau of Missing Persons:

Head office: 021-393-2001/ 2/ 5/ 7 and 021-393-2010/ 12

Eastern Cape: 041-394-6978/ 6482

Free State: 051-503-2846

Gauteng: 011-670-6316/ 6415/ 6416

KwaZulu-Natal: 031-325-6718

Limpopo: 015-290-6000

Mpumalanga: 013-762-4391

Northern Cape: 053-839-2822

North West: 018-299-7722/ 7034/ 7172

Western Cape: 021-467-8236

Emergencies: 086-001-0111

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