Mmm, that bedside glass of water may not be the healthiest . . .

By Nici De Wet
08 June 2017

We do recommend pouring a fresh glass of water first thing in the morning.

Are you one of those people who sleeps with a glass of water next to your bed, so you're all ready to take a sip when you wake up?

Well, you may want to rethink it thanks to a new video released by Discovery News.

It shows that while there can be a slight change in taste due to the slight absorption of carbon dioxide which lowers the pH causing the water to taste a bit more acidic, this isn’t what you should concern yourself with.

Turns out over the course of the night sitting there in an open glass your water will collect dust and dead skin cells that are circulating in the air of your room.

While you certainly won't pick up anything life-threatening from this - it's only after an extended period of time, that water can become a playground for dangerous bacteria, algae, and even mosquito larvae.


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