Model shows off super-fit bod just four weeks after giving birth

31 May 2017

Oksana is also a self-confessed fitness freak, who works out numerous times each week to maintain her slender frame.

A model and mom has wowed the world after showing off her slender frame just a month after giving birth.

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Oksana Samoilova, wife of famous Russian rapper Djigan and mother to two children, posted a snap on social media this week showing off her amazing body after giving birth just four weeks earlier.

Oksana has previously spoken about getting into shape and said it's all down to a healthy way of living, which she prides herself on.


Rather than having big portions at mealtimes, she says she chooses to eat lots of smaller meals throughout the day -- usually about six.

The 29-year-old said she is "committed to the principles of good nutrition" and has been long before she became a mother.

Oksana said she includes lots of protein in her diet as well as low-fat dairy products. She also tries to exclude "harmful products" but if she wants a treat, she would try to have it as early as possible in the day in order to give herself time to "work it off".

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She commits to four training sessions per week, which she says is a habit from her line of work that she will never break.

She does a "variety" of classes but said the key to shedding the pounds after the birth of a baby was cardio, rather than weights.


But netizens were not super kind after she posted a picture of her post-baby bod this week.

One of them was sceptical about the results.

"I am not so impressed, like it is something unbelievable. Usually one month after giving birth women can wear almost anything if you follow a good diet during pregnancy."

Another added that: "I feel sorry for the guy. He obviously wanted a guy and got another baby girl."

But not all were critical.

"Beautiful woman, she takes great care of herself. It is clear that she is one positive woman," said the commentor.

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