Model slammed for death-defying photo shoot atop Dubai tower – without a harness

By Petrus Malherbe
17 February 2017

Dedicated – or plain stupid?

Many people would gladly go the extra mile for their career, but hanging down the side of a building without any safety equipment, may mean that you’re taking dedication to your work a step too far. Viktoria Odintsova recently shocked the modelling world when she hung off the side of the Cayan Tower in Dubai during a photo shoot – without as much as one safety harness in sight.

The Russian model (in her early 20s) recently posed for a string of photos on the tower. In one of them she leans back off of the skyscraper while an unknown man holds her arm. Read more: Meet the photographer who’s prepared to go the extra mile (up!) for a great selfie In the video which the model posted to her Instagram page, you can see that she isn’t wearing any safety gear – the only thing keeping her from falling is the man holding her. “I still can’t believe I did it. Every time I watch the video my palms go sweaty,” she posted on Instagram.

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With as many as 3 million followers on the platform Victoria's video quickly spread like wildfire on the internet.

But not everyone thought it was that brave. Victoria came under fire as many of her followers pointed out that she could so easily have died if anything went wrong.

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“How can you disregard your life like that?” asked one follower. “If I was your parent I would smack both you and the guy with the beard!”

“A very bad example for the youth,” said another disgruntled follower.

It’s unsure whether or not Victoria had permission to do this dangerous photoshoot on the skyscraper. The Cayan Tower is 306 m high and opened its doors in 2013.

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