Modern Family is essential viewing

You know you have a winner when even the American president says it’s his favourite show. 

Barack Obama, along with tens of millions of others the world over, is hooked on a show that’s rapidly becoming the most popular sitcom since Friends entranced the globe in the ’90s – and like Friends this show has a simple recipe and a razor-sharp script that make it utterly irresistible.

It’s Modern Family and if you aren’t a convert yet you soon might be: is showing the first season on Sunday evenings, meaning everybody with a TV in South Africa will be able to watch it.

And even if you’re already hooked (the third season starts on M-Net in March) no doubt you’ll be tuning into the free-to-air channel for a recap of the show no one ever seems to tire of.

Read Gilda Narsimdas’ article in YOU 9 February 2012 where we show you who’s who in this glorious zoo.

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