Modimolle monster drove our mom crazy

By admin
20 January 2012

Johan Kotzé drove her to her grave. And from the sickbed she would never leave she kept a diary about how he abused her financially, bullied her emotionally and humiliated her.

“Where’s my cheque book? You refuse to show it to me. Why?” Sarita Venter (48) wrote during her last few days.

Johan Kotzé (50) of Modimolle had been trying to convince her and others she was losing her mind.

The Bloemfontein mom of four became Kotzé’s victim, just like Ina Bonnette, the woman he recently tortured and disfigured after getting three men to rape her because she wanted a divorce (YOU, 19 January).

But unlike Ina, Sarita didn’t live to tell the tale . . .

YOU’s Herman Scholtz spoke to Sarita’s sons about how Kotzé manipulated their mother and caused a rift between them that would only partially heal before her death. Read more in YOU 26 January 2012.

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