Mom accidentally sends naughty pic to WhatsApp group, becomes an internet sensation

By admin
25 August 2016

The group was called "hokkie ouers".

A mother from Schweizer-Reneke in North West wanted to spice things up with her husband by sending him some naughty pictures.

Imagine her horror when she sent the graphic photo to the WhatsApp group for her daughter's hockey team instead.

Many users were expressing pity and sympathy for the woman, and disgust at whoever had leaked the photo. Others however have said that she should really have doubled checked the recipient when sending a message like that.

Meanwhile, Social Media Law Expert from Shepstone & Wylie Verlie Oosthuizen told East Coast Radio might be able to press charges.

“I would say that the people who posted it to social media do have some measure of legal liability. They have definitely infringed her privacy, they’ve definitely infringed her dignity,” said Oosthuizen.

“She would probably have some kind of a claim for cyber bullying. If I was in her shoes, I would probably approach the police and lay a charge of crimen injuria against the person who made the initial posting.”

UPDATE: YOU mistakenly reported that Nando's had made an advert alluding to the situation, but the image circulating on Twitter is actually a hoax, and was not created by them. We apologise for the error.

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