Mom accused of child abuse for getting infant’s ears pierced

By Pam Magwaza
25 July 2017

The mom said it has always been a tradition in her family for babies to get their ears pierced just a few months after birth.

Is getting your four-month-old's ears pierced child abuse?

Vlogger mom of Crystal Vlogs & More recently felt the wrath of internet users when she posted a video of her four-month-old daughter getting her ears pierced.

"Our family gets our girl's ears pierced when they are four months old, so they get it over with quickly, and won’t remember the pain," she wrote in her video description.

"This is the 5th grandchild to get her ears pierced, all have loved them, and have been happy that they were done so young."

Crystal has just under 19 000 subscribers yet her video has gone viral and has over 1 million views.

The video has also received 12 000 comments -- mostly from "concerned" users who said the child looked extremely "distressed" and that this act should be considered child abuse.

“This makes me feel bad because the baby was so happy at first but then she started crying," one user commented.

Another said the act was just cruel.

“I'm sorry but I don't agree with this. Got distressed when the baby started crying. A baby can't decide for itself. Should wait till they're old enough to make the decision as it's a choice! Vaccines are meant to save lives but ear piercings are there from fashion. Poor baby."

The mom shot back at her critics by releasing another video in which she explains why she stands by her decision to get her child's ears pierced.

“Everyone has their different opinions but everyone also has to respect my opinions that lead to why I got my daughter's ears pierced at four months old," she said.

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