Mom finds matric daughter hanged in classroom

By admin
09 November 2015

A matric pupil was found hanged in a classroom at Petunia Secondary School in Heidedal on Friday.

Department of Education spokesperson, Harward Ndaba, said the girl, Charneil Wilson (18) was assisting her mother with a school function earlier that day.

'She did not leave any note'

Her mother is a teacher at the school.

"When they were done preparing for the function, the mother and three of [the girl's] friends left the classroom and she stayed behind," said Ndaba.

But when the mother returned, the classroom door was locked, he said.

Ndaba said when the mother looked through the window, she saw her daughter hanging from the ceiling.

"She did not leave any note. We even checked her phone, and nothing," he said, adding that officials were told Wilson was a bright student.

Wilson's family declined to comment on the incident.

Meanwhile, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group said suicide and depression among teens was becoming more prevalent.

Its operations director, Cassey Chamber, said suicide was not the only option for solving problems.

"[Teens] are not alone. There is help... speaking to someone can really help you cope with all your problems... Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem," she said.


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