Mom found pushing her dead three-year-old son on a swing in a park

By admin
25 May 2015

A mother was found pushing her three-year-old son on a swing in a park. Police say she could have been there for hours or even since the previous day.

A police spokesperson said there were no visible signs a crime had been committed but that the possibility of a crime can’t be ruled out.

Police say they’re investigating the 24-year-old woman’s movements over the past few days “to determine what’s been going on in her life that led to this moment”.

On Friday morning police were called to check if the mother and child were okay. At around 7 am they set off for the park in La Plata in the US state of Maryland.

Police officials removed the boy from the swing and tried to give him first aid “but it was immediately obvious the child was dead”, the spokesperson said. His body showed no signs of trauma.

Police cut the chain holding the swing seat and removed the body so a post mortem could be performed.

The woman, whom police didn’t identify, was able to answer some of the police’s questions before being taken to a local hospital for a medical evaluation.


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